1. I realized that I haven’t updated this blog because I actually post everything over here. Sorry folks, this has all my recent stuff, I’ve experimented more with different print techniques and it has more photography of dead things and stuff like that.

  2. My final pieces.

  3. Statement

    In my previous projects I had as my themes my visits to museum and I was drawing various things from tanks to the interior architecture of the buildings themselves. I enjoyed doing this and exploring the museums for new things to draw and so I chose to continue to build on this but focus on natural history and taxidermy specimens.

    I also decided to continue drawing in the same way I had in the previous projects (continuous line) and try to apply it to a digital medium. The main aim for me on this project was trying to teach myself painting on Photoshop to a high standard.

    I experimented with various techniques during this project. I started with simple continuous line drawings that were scanned into the computer and then coloured and inked digitally. I then tried just filling different sections of the drawing with different colours. This technique I went back to for the final images but simplified it to two colours; one for the background and one for the drawing.

    I mainly looked at the work of Cornelia Hesse-Honegger, Mark Fairnington, and Jennie Webber, the two former natural history illustrators and the later including a lot of the themes I am interested in in her work, for instance animals and mortality.

    Some of the images were painted digitally and I think this will be one of the main things I want to experiment with and improve in my second year and I will be incorporating digital art as a major part of my work from now on. I believe the project went well, especially in terms of skills developed, as I now have a very good grasp of digital painting and working with a graphics tablet. I also made contact with a taxidermist in this project and he said I was welcome to come back for more research in the future which will be helpful should I decide to pursue natural history illustrations for any further projects.

    I chose not to do prints as I found it easier to promote my work digitally, through Tumblr and Facebook, and the paintings in particular tend to look better on screen, but I probably would print some next time.

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